Laura Veirs Live on KCRW: Finster Saw The Angels

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Nine albums into her musical career, Portland singer-songwriter Laura Veirs continues to make compelling music reflecting her changing life. While her last album was a children’s record, her most recent, recorded when she was pregnant with her second child, is the darker flipside of that.

She reflects on the world she’s bringing her child into on a song like “America”, but also pays tribute to some great artists who have made the world a better place, like Alice Coltrane and artist Howard Finster (he designed album covers for R.E.M. and Talking Heads).

Her songs are spare, simple and beautiful. Definitely worth a listen.

Check out the full session in the archives here.

Laura Veirs Live on KCRW Set List

Sun Song
Folding Cranes
Finster Saw the Angels
Dorothy of the Island
White Cherry
Ten Bridges
That Alice