Lena Dunham is Our Guest DJ

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LenaDunhamI had been hearing rumblings about this young filmmaker Lena Dunham since March, when the film she wrote, directed and starred in was the toast of the SXSW Film Festival.

When I finally got around to watching “Tiny Furniture,” I understood why. It was fresh. And it was real. And it spoke to me in a way few movies do. So many people struggle with trying to figure out who they are and she managed to make a dark and witty indie film about that quest at the age of 23.

As a Guest DJ, her song choices showed her youthfulness in parts– from Taylor Swift, who she calls her “artistic kindred spirit” to You Tube sensation Sam Tsui – but also shows how she gravitates towards the confessional honesty of artists like Ryan Adams and Mirah.

Lena even reveals what movie she would “cover” (ok, remake) if given the chance – “Ishtar,” of all things. But go check out her Guest DJ set to find out why.


Lena Dunham’s Guest DJ Project Set List

1. Cold Cold Water / Mirah
2. Hey Stephen / Taylor Swift
3. Sylvia Plath / Ryan Adams
4. Show Me Love / Robyn
5. DJ Got Us Falling in Love / Sam Tsui

p.s.  She’s currently working on a Judd Apatow-produced pilot for HBO. Sounds interesting….

p.p.s. I just started following her on Twitter and I recommend it:  @lenadunham

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