Lykke Li Live on KCRW – “I Follow Rivers”

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Lykke Li credits whiskey, late nights and taking chances with helping her make a more direct, raw, and emotionally honest sophomore album, “Wounded Rhymes,” recorded here in Los Angeles. And today we got to experience those new songs live in her second live appearance on Morning Becomes Eclectic. (check out her earlier set in 2009)

The singer clearly wanted to leave her sweet/cute persona (“Little Bit,” anyone?) behind in favor of something a little darker and more dangerous. Or, as she says, “less atmosphere and baby fat.”

What she achieved was an album that seems to be universally loved by fans and critics alike – with singles like “I Follow Rivers” leading the way.

She tells Jason that even though her parents were musicians, she wasn’t destined to be one herself.

“My dad—he made lasagna, that’s what I remember the most.  So, you know, I really think I tried to follow my own path, but I did end up as an artist somehow… I don’t really remember them telling me anything to do.  I studied hard, you know.  I tried to rebel so I got good grades but they were like ‘Yeah…great…whatever.’”

After moving between Sweden and Portugal in her youth and touring all over the word, she also talked about the idea of “home:”

“I really don’t think I can connect with that word because I never really had a home.  I think home is where the hatred is.”

She called LA a “dream come true for an emo girl like me” and treated us to something very special – a gorgeous cover of The Big Pink’s “Velvet.” I talked to her after the session and she didn’t know much about the band or the rest of their album (though she did sing me a bit of their hit “Dominos,” which was a awesome!) but really connected to that song.

Enjoy the full session here!


Lykke Li Live on KCRW – Set List


Love Out of Lust

I Know Places

I Follow Rivers

Sadness is a Blessing

Unrequited Love

Velvet – The Big Pink cover

Youth Knows No Pain