Marina and the Diamonds on MBE

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Marina and the Diamonds.  We are proud to have hosted their US radio debut.

Jason started dropping the tune “I Am Not a Robot” into the mix earlier this year, and KCRW happily presented the album, The Family Jewels, as part of the Album Preview series just before it dropped. She caught my attention with that song as well, and today’s performance (just after the interview) was quite the treat for me. As the session closed, we also received a stunning rendition of “Oh No“. The buzz around the station today was full of compliments on the orange lipstick, and I heard a rumor that it is available at her shows as merch! Ha! Seriously, I like this little lady.

Marina says she will be back in 10 years with her Grammys! Perhaps we don’t doubt it. Meanwhile, she’s soaking in Hollywood and exploring the obsession she’s had with American pop culture since childhood. Check out her website if you just can’t get enough!

Betsy! (standing in for RR as she is a busy busy lady!)

PS – There’s a relatively rad Hoodie Allen rap out there that samples Marina if you are into that sort of thing too.You can learn more via HypeM….  just sayin’

Here is a clip! You can catch the entire performance here.