Metronomy’s Late Night Tales

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It works as a communication of their feelings and intentions and simultaneously as a reflection of themself. It also works as a living snapshot that will forever seal that moment in  a musical vacuum. It is a sonic time capsule and time machine.

A good mixtape never dies.

I love when artists release mixtapes. Whereas some listeners may see them as some frustrating stop gap between albums, I feel like Fabric, K7!, Back to Mine and Late Night Tales mixes are very personal, revealing documents that can discount or legitimize any given artists credibility with the snobbiest of music lovers.

Metronomy’s “The English Riviera” was without a doubt one of last year’s most solid records in so small part because singer/writer Joseph Mount knows how to write some seriously catchy jams that brilliantly tow the line between left-field electronic music and pop rock hooks.

On a  brand new mix for the Late Night Tales label, Mount gives us a peek into the music that informs and inspires Metronomy’s unique sound. And like a great, timeless mixtape from a friend it reveals a nerdy depth of musical knowledge and simultaneous appreciation of straight up pop: From Outkast to Autechre, from KCRW favorites Sa-Ra Creative Partners to Alan Parsons Project to Geneva Jacuzzi to Cat Power. The truly inspired and unexpected inclusion of Tweet’sDrunk” AND a Jean Michel Jarre cover.

Metronomy – Hypnose (Exclusive Jean Michel Jarre Cover Version) by LateNightTales

If this is any indication, whatever new album material Metronomy is working on will no doubt be something very special.

Regardless, long after that album has come and gone…we’ll still have this mix from our friend Joseph to listen to and remember the last days of summer 2012.

1. OutKast – Prototype
2. Tweet – Drunk
3. SA-RA Creative Partners – Cosmic Ball
4. Chick Corea – El Bozo
5. Dr Octagon – Blue Flowers
6. Lonzo & The World Class Wreckin Cru – Cache Vocal
7. Metronomy – Hypnose (Exclusive Jean Michel Jarre Cover Version)
8. Alessi Brothers – Seabird
9. Autechre – Fold4,Wrap5
10 Mick Karn – Weather The Windmill
11. The Alan Parsons Project – Eye In The Sky
12. Geneva Jacuzzi – Love Caboose
13. Two Lone Swordsmen – You Are…
14. Tonto’s Expanding Head Band – Cybernaut
15. Pete Drake – Forever
16. Appaloosa – The Day (We Fell In Love)
17. Kate & Anna McGarrigle – Complainte Pour Ste Catherine
18. Herman Dune – Winners Lose
19. Cat Power – Werewolf
20. Paul Morley – Lost For Words Pt.4 (Exclusive Spoken Word Piece)