Moshing At The Museum — Explore LA Punk Rock Tonight at The Hammer

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From KCRW DJ Chuck P:

Made In LA music series at the Hammer Museum in Westwood.

Jason Bentley was kind enough to offer the gig and I accepted wholeheartedly.

I’m a huge fan of punk and how it has evolved and thrived here in LA. Personally, punk gave me an outlet for my frustration in my teenage years and helped make things better just by knowing I wasn’t alone in feeling that way. That’s what punk does. It grabs on to some bit of discontent in someone and resonates.

If this sounds like you too, come out to the Hammer tonight for a stroll down memory lane.

Here are some classics to get you primed.

A track from X to kick things off.

… and more 70s faves from The RunawaysRedd Kros& The Zeros.

In the early in the 80s, LA Punk spun into hardcore, a visceral and gritty sound that took the energy of it’s sound in a new direction. Check out these tracks from Black FlagAdolescentsT.S.O.L.Agent Orange and The Germs.

There was also a parallel but inclusive scene that included swampy blues punk from Gun ClubFlesheaters and The Blasters.

There are so many bands, it’s impossible to name them all. Plus, some of the sub regional scenes were a new discovery for me. For example, I’d heard of Dr. Know but had no idea there was an entire scene around Oxnard called Nardcore.

Explore the legendary SoCal scene with me tonight at the Hammer. More info here

Chuck P.