New Autolux Video Gets its Own Release Party

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LA’s own Autolux is throwing a release party to screen their new video, directed by Thomas McMahan, for the “The Science of Imaginary Solutions“, the final song from their most recent album “Transit Transit”.  The premiere will be at LAUNCH, a large gallery space across from LACMA, THIS Saturday, February 11. Lead vocalist and bassist Eugene Goreshter will DJ the event and screening times are set on the hour for 8p, 9p, 10p, and 11p.

The video was made by adapting Mark Whalen’s paintings to video and they are releasing an art booklet to accompany it. Guitarist and vocalist Greg Edwards tells us more:

“This Autolux video represents all the right things coming together in the right way. One of our favorite artists and a close friend, Mark Whalen (Kill Pixie), whose work looks like a communal scientific dream Niels Bohr and Watson and Crick might have had telepathically after smoking DMT, and whose paintings look crazily animated even in total stillness on a wall, teamed up with Thomas McMahan, an amazing computer artist/ image manipulator/ animator/reanimator.

And luckily for us their collaboration centered around the Autolux song, “The Science Of Imaginary Solutions“. It’s no easy feat to take a serious unique painter’s work and give it motion, but if ever a painter’s work lent itself to this kind of treatment, it’s Mark’s.

The integrity of his strangely peopled world was able to have all the motion and action it naturally suggests sheparded out into animated glory without losing its soul.

Videos are always a strange compromise for musicians and so often you end up with something that reduces the experience of the song either by over narrating, over conceptualizing, or just plain sucking. But with this video we feel like a perfect balance was reached where the visual elevates the song and the song elevates the video. And that’s the most we could ever hope for. Plus it’s just really fun to watch.”

–          Greg Edwards

Check out a preview and revisit the band’s live session on KCRW.


What: Autolux video launch party

Date: Saturday, February 11


5858 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 205
Los Angeles, CA 90036