New Bear in Heaven Remix: Download Test House’s Cool Light

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In support of their brand new release, “I Love You, It’s Cool” Brooklyn’s Bear in Heaven have a pair of shows at the Echo this Thursday and Friday. Thursday is already sold out. So if you want to experience their New New Romantic synthpop, you should probably act fast. Their mega-catchy track “The Reflection of You” is the undeniable single but we’re digging a little deeper into the album to present something very special: the band has given us an EXCLUSIVE new Test House remix of their track “Cool Light“.
Although one could argue that softening the edges of an already super mellow jam like “Cool Light” is an odd redundancy, it actually ratchets up the sweetness  a couple of notches to awesome effect. Like a red velvet cupcake with an additional dollop of frosting, with a dipping cup of extra frosting.
Stream “Cool Light” below and download it here:

The Test House remix gives “Cool Light” a slight late 80s R&B/sophistipop sheen that is reminiscent of mellow setting sun afternoon AOR radio jams by bands like ABC or Johnny Hates Jazz and the direction Toro Y Moi has been investigating as of late…and that’s a real good look for Bear in Heaven. It’s good for us too.

— Mario Cotto