New Calexico — Southwest Sound with a Hint of NOLA

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KCRW’s airplay charts, mostly on the strength of the first single “Splitter”.

The band, led by Joey Burns and John Convertino, has always had a distinctive Southwestern influence to their music, having been based in Tucson. (The band is actually named for a town on the Mexico/United States border.)

But it was the New Orleans neighborhood of Algiers, for which their first album in four years is named, that inspired their latest batch of tunes. They lived and worked in a converted church!

Still, the desert, and a bit of the supernatural, is at the forefront in the video for “Splitter”, a lively track that I can’t stop listening to.

I love the horns and there is something about this song that makes me want to jump in a convertible and just head out – destination unknown.

Check it out.