New Imperial Teen – Out from Inside MP3

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Imperial Teen’s new album “Feel the Sound” is like that friend you have that gets along with everyone.

It’s an utterly likeable album of simple but well-crafted pop songs with great melodies. I listened to it twice within 24 hours and my favorites are “Don’t Know How You Do It” and “Out from Inside”. Undeniable catchiness.

Stream “Out from Inside”:

Performed by a (insert any name) mainstream rock band and stripped of some of it’s quirk, I think “Out from Inside” could be a monster pop radio hit. But that will never happen and it’s ok, cause I like it just the way it is.

Imperial Teen has been making music since the mid-90’s but this is their first release in 5 years.  The San Francisco-based band, now signed to Merge Records, is made up of Roddy Bottum (Faith No More), Will Schwartz, Lynn Truell, and Jone Stebbins.

Revisit their most well-known song from the 90’s below and celebrate their return with “Feel the Sound”, out today.