New Music from X’s Exene Cervenka — “Already in Love”

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About a year ago we hosted Exene Cervenka on Morning Becomes Eclectic and she debuted a new song live on the radio called “Already in Love”. Jason loved it so much, he added her live version to regular rotation on MBE. It’s one of those songs you love the first time you hear it and Exene’s voice is so easily recognizable. She’s a true LA original!

She fleshed the song out in the studio with a full band for her new album “The Excitement of Maybe,” out March 8 on Bloodshot Records.

Check out the new version streaming below and download it tomorrow as part of Today’s Top Tune. (And find her full live set in KCRW‘s archives.)

Stream “Already in Love”(album version)

I was first introduced to Exene almost 10 years ago when I was a mega-fan of the Old 97’s – a band from Texas that I didn’t discover until I made the move from Austin to LA.

I was missing Austin something awful and watching the ‘97s always eased my homesickness. At one show, at the House of Blues, they introduced Exene.

I had no idea who she was. I just knew she sang on the last song of my favorite album by the band, “Too Far to Care”. The song is “Four Leaf Clover” and the crowd went WILD when she stepped out on the stage.

So, of course, I did my homework and found out why: Exene is a lead member of the legendary Los Angeles punk rock band, X –along with ex-husband John Doe and guitarist Billy Zoom. X is so beloved in LA, it’s hard to put it into words. Either way, Exene continues to make great music and we’ll all be able to hear her newest effort streaming as part of KCRW’s Album Preview series starting February 28!


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