New Single from Milla Jovovich — Electric Sky

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Milla Jovovich stopped by our studios this week to tape an edition of the Guest DJ Project, which will be airing in Fall around the release of the 5th Resident Evil movie (“Resident Evil: Retribution).

She shared her new single “Electric Sky” with us, just days before she will debut it at the Life Ball in Vienna, the biggest charity even in Europe supporting people with HIV. She dubbed it the “Burning Man of the fashion industry”.

Stream “Electric Sky” below and buy it here.

The track, which you can buy digitally, is a bit more electro-influenced than her previous work and she credited Randy Jackson (of American Idol fame) for freeing her from any genre barriers.  Take a listen to her chat with KCRW DJ Garth Trinidad.

You MUST tune in to hear her Guest DJ Project when it airs in a few months – she raps some hardcore Eazy Z. It is something to behold!


p.s.: We asked what music her Resident Evil character Alice would listen to. Without a second of hesitation she said “Bad Brains“!

Milla and Garth (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)