Pan Caliente: El Mañana

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Today we turn our attention to Colombian-American singer/songwriter, Danny Murcia.

Murcia has lived the music industry dream with a major label contract, collaborations with super stars, and he’s even penned some ultra mainstream hits. But, in the end, Murica chose to forgo the rat race of the mainstream in order to focus on his own passion project entitled, El Mañana.

El Mañana is a mixture of 90’s inspired fuzzy, swirling guitars and pop leaning vocal harmonies. It’s fast driving but introspective at the same time.  

Check out his recent video for the single, “Gota en el Mar.”

The driving guitar melodies make this one very catchy tune, and the airy vocals compliment the backbeat of the rockin’ drums. It still has pop sensibilities, but now it’s on his own terms. Which makes the title of the project, El Mañana, event sweeter.

Photos c/o artist