Pan Caliente: Katzù Oso gets back to his bedroom pop roots

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What would make this quarantine better? Well, if COVID-19 was no longer a threat that would definitely make it better. But since we are — most likely — quite a bit away from that scenario, music will help us cope… one song at a time.

Today, we feature this beautiful new homage to 80’s synth music, courtesy of Katzù Oso.

Katzù Oso, aka Paul Hernandez, is a breakout, bedroom pop artist, who was touring with a full band and had a solid live show right before the pandemic shut the world down. But, being that Katzù started out making music alone in his bedroom, he decided to get back to his roots while in quarantine. "We're going through some tough times right now, Katzù says. I still wanted to make sure I gave my fans something to enjoy while they stay home."

He concocted this 80’s style dance song, which steers mildly from his overall sound (typically more on the bedroom ballad side of things) but doesn’t betray the signature ‘feels’ his fans are head over heels for. 

The lyric video is animated and directed by Edgar Fernandez and is perfect for throwing up on the TV and creating a dance party in your living room.

We’ll be getting “In Too Deep” tonight with Katzù on IG Live (@dj_josegalvan) in the 5pm (PT) hour. Join us, as we talk about his upcoming sophomore EP, Colour, due out in June.