Pan Caliente: La Santa Cecilia 'Winning'

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La Santa Cecilia is a local LA mainstay. They broke into the musica-indie scene with their own flavor of traditional music jams. Boleros, cumbias, klezmer, and they've become a fierce touring band. We've been hip to their sound since 2012. Check out one of the very first articles we did for KCRW (back when Pan Caliente was just a glimmer in my eye).

Throughout their career they've never shied away from political themes (they had a single about ICE) or representing the community that spawned them, LSC has now taken on a pop culture theme in their newest single.

"Winning" is a sarcastic and bilingual critique of the online stream of consciousness we live every day. Hashtags, Instagram, Twitter, likes, memes, retweets, more hashtags, and more Instagram. It’s low hanging fruit, because everyone always complains that we're too wrapped up in our tech devices, while complaining about it on our tech devices. But somehow La Santa has turned this vicious cycle into a rocking jam!

"Winning" is by far one of their most rocking tracks they’ve released to date, courtesy in part to the fuzztone guitar in the chorus. The group is getting critiqued by fans that they miss the boleros, and rancheras, but the band is not letting that stop them from exploring new sounds.  Hashtag growth. Hashtag new sound. #LaSantaCecilia