Pan Caliente: New Christmas Favorites

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We weren’t going to do a Christmas themed post this year -mostly because there hasn’t been as many original musica-indie songs or covers released – but then we came across Nancy Sanchez’s new Christmas original “Mi Nueva Bici.” At that point, we knew that we had no alternative because, ’tis the season.

As we head towards Dec 25th, keep these 3 holiday jams near (you may need an alternative soundtrack to the classic 15 holiday songs played ad-nauseam).

Nancy Sanchez creates an instant holiday classic. For me, if it wasn’t He-Man toys that I wanted from Santa, it was always a new bike! This song puts a nostalgic smile on the holiday.

Ceci Bastida’s Holiday tune also speaks of the anticipation for Christmas morning. And, it’s got her signature synth-pop melodies layered on top of her iconic voice.

Shame, are a punk outfit from the UK, but they chose to remake José Feliciano’s traditional earwig “Feliz Navidad.” Strange offering, but as with most of their stuff, it rocks.

Nancy Sanchez photo c/o artist