Pan Caliente: Ruido Fest – Chicago (July 10-12)

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On the heels of LAMC week in New York – thee “Latin Alternative” conference for the music industry – the already established gents over at Riot Fest in Chicago, have partnered up with a couple Latin-based media outlets and brought forth one of the biggest billed, multi-day music festivals, musica indie has ever seen in the U.S.

Ladies & Gentlemen… get ready for Ruido Fest (July 10-12) featuring heavyweights from Argentina, Mexico, Chile, & Spain!

With the all but near omission and disappearance of the musica indie veins at Coachella & Bonnaroo in the past few years, it is beyond exciting to see an investment, by any big festival group, in the music scene that propels this modest feature on this prominent music blog.

To have a Vive Latino/Rock al Parque type bill (both huge 3 day festivals in Mexico & Colombia respectively) spring up in the Midwest of the US, reflecting the burgeoning bubble of talent that there is amongst the music scene from all over Latin America, has us head over heels.

Ruido Fest is billed as “Latin Alternative,” but the line up goes deep beyond that sort of dated genre and includes many musica indie bands which we have profiled and that litter my daily playlists.

Take a listen to some of the sounds and check out the lineup below!

Here’s a quick breakdown of the lineup performing at Addams Park in Chicago July 10th -12th:

The Headliners:
Café Tacvba
Nortec Collective
Compass: Toy Selectah & Mexican Institute of Sound

The Mids:
Ceci Bastida
Jessy Bulbo
Mexican Dubwiser
Rey Pila

The Baby Bands:
Sonido Gallo Negro
Los Romanticos de Zacatecas
Banda de Turistas
Triangulo de Amor Bizarro
Mariel Mariel

I hope this endeavor has huge success and establishes firmly, that yes, Latinos/Hispanics, despite being the default targeted demographic in marketing and advertising these days, make up a large portion of the audiences that likes to go to muilti-day music festivals and enjoy varied bands.