Pan Caliente: SXSW 2019 Takeaways

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The music component of SXSW is well underway, and we had a chance to check out some of the bands we previewed. However, because this is such a large-scale music conference, and because we are not omnipotent, here are our newfound music discoveries from the first couple days.


This Brazilian quartet has 3 albums, and a forthcoming on the way, and they brought down the house during a mid-afternoon set in Austin; bringing their psychedelia to life to a healthy crowd. Their music is melodic and groovy in a Tame Impala sort of way (though lyrics are in Portuguese), but the vibe is more jam band.  They’ve gone under the radar long enough, and their album Sombrou Duvida - due out in 2019 - should help them materialize a broader fanbase.

Reyna Tropical

Hailing from Portland and Los Angeles, this solid duo has managed to escape our ears thus far. But, luckily for us, we ended up at a venue where Fabi & Sumo brought their delightful rhythms to life. They got the party going with guitar, vocals, programming and some midi controllers. Reyna Tropical was genuinely the pleasant surprise of the first days.

Ambar Lucid

We knew she was a great talent, but we did not fully comprehend the grandeur of the voice that would emanate live from this adolescent star in the making. There were points during her performance at our official SXSW showcase where it felt the crowd had collective goosebumps. Ambar fully acknowledged - with her X on her under 21 years of age hands - that yeah, she meant to make the whole room feel her like that.