Poolside Live on KCRW – Baby Don’t Deny It

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It was a packed house for LA’s own Poolside in the studio on Friday. And it wasn’t until the second half of their set, when they invited Brazilian tourmates Bondo do Role to join them on air for the broadcast premiere of their collaboration “Baby Don’t Deny It”, that I realized we had TWO all star bands in the house. (Although maybe I should have known by Bonde’s tropical attire)

By that point we were all dancing and Jason even commented “I feel like I’m on the Love Boat”. It was all smiles and good vibes. There’s a reason we’ve been calling Poolside’s music “daytime disco” – its laidback and fun but ultimately highly danceable. The perfect set to kick off the weekend AND to get your Monday going.

That collaboration was a highlight in a fantastically solid performance, with smiles all around. Filip Nikolic was grooving on the bass and vocals, noting during the second set that Michael Gold was extremely excited to play on an actual piano (carting around to all their shows is clearly not an option).

It was a truly celebratory set of music. KCRW has championed this band since early on and they were appreciative and excited to be here. It should be noted that members of two other solid bands in LA’s dance scene Classix and Cosmic Kids – were here to watch the fun.


Poolside Live on KCRW – Set List

Next to You
Kiss You Forever
Slow Down
Harvest Moon (Neil Young cover)
Do You Believe
Take Me Home
Baby Don’t Deny It
Why You Wanna

Poolside and Jason Bentley by Larry Hirshowitz
Poolside by Larry Hirshowitz (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)