Portugal. The Man Premiere New Songs Live on KCRW

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Portugal. The Man premiered a handful of songs from their forthcoming album “Evil Friends” on Morning Becomes Eclectic today, including the track “Creep in a T-Shirt”, which posed an interesting challenge for singer John Gourley since he had to drop the profanity that usually accompanies the chorus for our live radio broadcast. The band’s set up was more pared down than usual, and the piano parts, as wells as the ooh oohs, really caught my ear.

With Brian Burton aka Danger Mouse as producer, expectations have been swirling around the new songs. Will they still sound like Portugal. The Man?

Well, if “In the Mountain in the Cloud” was their T. Rex album, Gourley hints that this might be their ode to Oasis. And of course the Beatles and Bowie influences are never far away.

Personally, I can’t get “Purple Yellow Red and Blue” out of my head – always the sign of a good song.  Check it out below and find the full session HERE.

p.s. The PTM has an event Wednesday, May 29 with art by Danger Mouse and a DJ set by the band! More info here

Portugal. the Man Live on MBE – Set List

Evil Friends
Sea of Air
Creep in a T-Shirt
Modern Jesus
Purple Yellow Red and Blue
Atomic Man
Sleep Forever

by Larry Hirshowitz