Quantic + Alice Russell Live on KCRW: Look Around the Corner

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Alice Russell is a powerhouse soul singer. Quantic (aka Will Holland) is a super producer influenced by Latin music who currently resides in Colombia. Together, they create 70’s-style soul music with strings and horns that I could listen to on repeat for days. It’s everything I look for in music – it’s uplifting, inspiring and performed by top notch musicians.

The duo has collaborated in the past but this is the first full album they’ve done together. I had to ask – why now? They immediately both joked about their “ailing careers” when in reality they have released incredible solo work.

The truth was simply timing. Alice toured a bunch since 2009 so finding the time to get together was tough. She loved recording at Will’s studio in Cali, Colombia. Aside from the music, the rum and the crazy driving, she most appreciated a dish called Sancocho. The pair have a clear respect and enjoyment of each other that goes beyond music. Both are quick to joke and laugh which I’m sure helps the recording process along.

In the interview with Jason during the session, Will talks about about how he made the move to Colombia from the UK, stressing the importance of exploring cultures you’re interested in: “I just thought,  wow, I’m really into this stuff. I should actually go over embrace it and be involved instead of looking it from afar”.

At the end, Jason jokingly asked Alice if she would ever challenge fellow UK soul singer Adele to a “diva rumble” and she mentioned she’d prefer mud wrestling instead, and they’d probably cuddle afterwards. Wouldn’t that be a sight! Maybe a sing-off would be more appropriate…

Check out the full session and interview in the archives here.

Quantic and Alice Russell Live on KCRW Set List


I’ll Keep My Light In My Window

Here Again

I’d Cry

Look Around the Corner


Pushin’ On

Road to Islay