Real Estate Live on KCRW – Green Aisles

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Real Estate by Brian Lowe

I’ve been really looking forward to hearing Real Estate live. I caught 15 minutes of their set in a packed venue at SXSW a couple years ago, but that isn’t exactly the place to enjoy music that sweeps you away to a magical happy place.

And that’s exactly what their music does. Listening to tracks like “Green Aisles” and “Easy”, I can feel the sun shining on my face. They meander so delightfully, these songs aren’t in a rush to get anywhere.

They also played my favorite song off their last record, “Beachcomber”, which pretty much made my day.

Jason talked to them about how, even though they are from New Jersey, they seem to have a sunny SoCal kinda sound. They said they felt a kinship with LA in that both locales “get a bad rap”.

The band is playing Friday night at the Fonda Theater and you can get a preview  by listening to this excellent live set in our archives.


Real Estate Live on KCRW Set List

It’s Real

Suburban Dogs

Green Aisles



Out of Tune

Wonder Years

Beach Comber

Suburban Beverage