5 Songs to Hear This Week: Remi Wolf, Aaron Frazer, Walt Disco

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This is what a cool motorcycle girl looks like. Photo by Ragan Henderson.

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Remi Wolf – “Motorcycle” 

Bedroom pop queen Remi Wolf invites you to reconsider the trappings of domestic bliss with this vintagey single. Featuring languid percussion, acid-toned guitars, and lyrical themes of sensual devotion encased in layers of Wolf’s signature crooning, this soulful track and its Papier-mâché fantasy video are sure to get you revved up to ride.

Aaron Frazer – “Into The Blue”

If your idea of summertime glory is cruisin’ down open roads, we’ve got your one-click soundtrack. Aaron Frazer, drummer and vocalist for Durand Jones & The Indications, has recently released Into The Blue — his second solo album. The LP builds on a solid foundation of soulful R&B grooves in the style of his work with DJ&TI. On the contemplative title track, a cinematic string section takes the tried ‘n’ true combo of guitars, bass, and percussion to the next level. Save it for a long drive, or play it on a Sunday morning to set your spirit free.

Walt Disco – “You Make Me Feel So Dumb”

The kids are more than alright… the kids will save us all(!). Lauded Glaswegian band Walt Disco are commanding the spotlight with their mashup of alt-indie sounds, theatrical vocals, and glammed out art-pop image. Since their 2022 debut, the forward-thinking five-top has built a global following of fans, including actor and universal muse Tilda Swinton (she’s referred to them as her new favorite band). No need to feel dumb, just click play to discover the magic for yourself. 

Melissa Carper – “Borned In Ya”

Upright bass player and singer-songwriter Melissa Carper has one of those voices that you kinda can’t believe is real. Her unique trill is a part of a perfectly Arkansan package for the classic country stylings she excels at: Part Dolly, part Willie, and part old-timey cartoon. The swag, flow, and warmth of this country track—with its bold brass and tickled keys—it’s not something you can learn, it’s borned in ya. And it’s alive and well within Melissa Carper. 

Jimetta Rose & The Voices of Creation – “Everywhere I Look (Love Is Everywhere)”

Feeling bleak about our future? Need an injection of hope in your life? Look no further. This spoken-word/funk/big-tent revivalist track from LA-native Jimetta Rose and her collective The Voices of Creation is the universal cure for anything that’s ailing ya. Bandleader, vocalist, and self-proclaimed queen Rose has arrived just in time with your not-so-subtle reminder that love, joy, and hope is everywhere you look… should you choose to see it there. And yes lawd, we do!