Rhythm Planet’s Alternative Halloween Playlist

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The other day while driving, I saw what I first thought was a hallucination—a pumpkin patch.  Can it really be Halloween already? While it won’t be the typical festive holiday this year, I put together a themed playlist in case you plan to have a bit of socially-distanced fun. Some tracks may be familiar, like Screaming Jay Hawkins, but I've cast my net a bit wider. You’ll also hear unusual, sometimes noirish film soundtracks, classic calypso from Lord Kitchener, songs about things that frighten me, the U.K.’s G.O.L., strange Tuvan work songs, plus various yelps and screams from James Brown, Ghana, aboriginal Australia, Mexico, and other places. Think of it as the alternative Halloween playlist. So turn down the lights, crank up the volume, and hide under the covers. Celebrate safely, everyone.

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