Richard Thompson Live on KCRW – Salford Sunday

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When Richard Thompson rolls into a studio, any guitarist in sight will feel the tug of his talent and try to get as close as possible.

Yesterday we featured his trio at the Village Studios and even though I was completely aware that he had a trio and not a four piece, for a moment I was convinced there was another guitarist in the room and actually asked for his name.

Richard is amazing to say the least, unassuming by nature and with a wry sense of humor, he’s one of my favorite guests. He can play just about anything.

After asking him if his phone was on a moment before going to air, his comeback was to play the riff of the telephone ringing. That was a first.

Check out the full session here.

Richard Thompson Live on KCRW

Good Things Happen to Bad People
Salford Sunday
Sally B

Richard warming up