RIP Fruit Bats – A Tribute

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I’m always sad to see a band I love call it quits. But in this case, there is a happy ending.

Fruit Bats frontman/founder Eric D. Johnson wrote an open letter to fans letting them know he’s going to still be making new music under his own name and has been scoring movies and producing bands. SO, after 13 years and 5 albums, he’s simply letting go of the moniker for the second chapter in his musical life.

That said, as a longtime fan of this indie pop band, I felt a tribute was in order.

2005’s “Spelled in Bones” is easily among my most listened to albums of all time. One of those records that perfectly fit where I was emotionally when it came out. I have so many memories of driving around LA listening to this album, particularly “Earthquake of ‘73”.  (That live version is a little shaky but HIS VOICE! Just close your eyes and listen)

These lyrics give me insta-tears every time I hear it.

So I’ll do my part not to break your heart
And baby don’t break mine
Cause I adore you and I know for sure
You’re the spark on the sun

2003’s “Mouthfuls” has one of the greatest songs about love of all time. Yep. I said it.

Check out “Primitive Man” from 2009’s “The Ruminant Band” – this is a great acoustic version.

And, from what is now the band’s final album “Tripper“, enjoy the excellent early 80’s influenced cheeseball video for “You’re Too Weird“.

These are just a few highlights of a great band worth exploring if you’re not already a fan.