Robert Glasper Experiment Covers Coldplay Live on KCRW

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Robert Glasper Experiment with Wayne Brady by Gregg Lewis

The last time the song “Yellow” was performed in the KCRW studios it was played by the originators of that track, a quartet of young British upstarts known as Coldplay. That was December 20th, of 2000 and the group had just released their first full-length album,Parachutes earlier that year.

Now fast forward 13 years later and we have ourselves another first. The song “Yellow” being covered by Robert Glasper Experiment with special guest vocals by the multi-talented actor, writer, singer, dancer, modern day vaudeville-ian, Wayne Brady.

Probably the only time in Music Blog history that those three names have gone together: Wayne Brady, Coldplay, Robert Glasper.

The story about how this came to be is pretty simple really. Robert Glasper is an incredible musician and each time we’ve welcomed the ‘Experiment’ to Morning Becomes Eclectic we’re left in awe of his talent.

On his latest album, Black Radio 2 you’ll hear interstitial audio between songs of Wayne Brady on a voicemail asking Robert why he was left out of the new album. The calls, of course, are a joke. But what’s a good joke if you can’t take it a step further?

Upon their arrival in L.A. they reached out to Wayne, knowing full well that he’d be up to the challenge of actually singing live for our audience. So they asked.

The cover is coated in jazz and warmed in a lounge accompanied by the typical Robert Glasper flare. Fans of Roberts and Coldplays alike will get a kick out of this version.

We at KCRW take it as a nod to the past, present and future of our great musical heritage and hopefully will have plenty more surprises like this down the road.

Robert Glasper Experiment Feat. Wayne Brady Live on KCRW