Rolan Bolan on the Legacy of T Rex

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The son of T. Rex frontman Marc Bolan, Rolan Bolan, will be attending KCRW’s concert celebrating the 40 year anniversary of “The Slider” this Saturday at the Annenberg Space for Photography (featuring a performance by Portugal. The Man and more) and wanted to share some thoughts with us. Rolan is also a musician and you can check out one of his songs here.

Marc Bolan by Ara Ashjian

As time passes by and styles change in the world, some things stay consistent. One thing that is so special about music, is even over the test of time, certain songs and artists continue to grow and find new audiences.

At times it can be hit and miss but, when the right match is found, there can be many musical surprises.

My name is Rolan and my father was the late Marc Bolan of T.Rex.

My father passed away when I was a little boy and, like all his fans, I learned to love him through his music.

T.Rex introduced a new sound over 40 years ago and through the “T. Rex vs KCRW Soundclash” his music has taken a new soundscape. Sometimes it is hard to put your ears past the original, you ask yourself “why mess with a good thing and would the artist want it that way? I think that this presentation of remixes is truly important for my father’s music to reach a new audience and a true celebration of this collection of work.

Each song brings the magic which was recorded on the originals and a taste of the future.

I would like to thank everyone involved and KCRW to take the time to honor T.Rex and the legacy of “The Slider“. Rock on.

— Rolan Bolan

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