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From KCRW Volunteer Taryn Olsen

This morning on Morning Becomes Eclectic, Jason Bentley complimented The Royal Bangs on the nice live sound captured on their new album “Flux Outside,” noting that he liked the way it didn’t sound overly produced. The band graciously accepted the compliment and deferred to the warm, homey space in their home-town of Knoxville, Tennessee where they were able to record.

While it’s true that recording spaces greatly influence the overall sound that ends up on an album, the great rawness Jason referred to on Flux Outside” is without question also a testament to their musicianship and Grade-A performance skills.

The group was originally discovered via their myspace page by Patrick Carney of The Black Keys, who signed them to his label Audio Eagle Records in 2008. This, in and of itself, is such a high endorsement in my book that I had pretty big expectations for The Royal Bangs this morning.

I’m happy to report they did not disappoint. There was something simultaneously high energy and “rock-star” as well as open almost intimate about their set this morning. I particularly loved watching lead singer, Ryan Schaefer, head bob, bang on the keys of his fancy electric keyboard/sound machine and otherwise lose himself in his own music.

KCRW Presents The Royal Bangs as part of their current tour at The Echo tomorrow night.  You can also listen to their entire Morning Becomes Eclectic set in our archives here.

Royal Bangs live on KCRW

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