RuPaul’s Favorite Songs for Lip Syncing and More

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RuPaul at KCRW by Larry Hirshowitz

When RuPaul, easily the most famous drag queen in the world, arrived at KCRW to tape his Guest DJ Project set, the initial discussion was about whether he should do the show in relation to his drag persona OR the five songs that, overall, influenced him most in his life.

We wanted to find out how the most famous drag queen in the world came to be, so we went with the latter and it’s very illuminating.

Ru’s favorite pop song is by Rick Astley.

The Gibb Brothers (The BeeGees) and Burt Bacharach are songwriters he loves so much, that just talking about them makes him want to cry.

And he talks about carrying around a magic marker and scribbling BOWIE “on everything that wasn’t moving” as a teenager growing up in Atlanta.

But even though it didn’t make it into the final cut, we HAD to ask about his favorite songs for lip syncing, which he described as “classic songs that tear the house down.”

Hear the full set, hosted by DJ Travis Holcombe, here and check out more below:

Listen: RuPaul on His Favorite Songs for Lip Syncing

Mother’s Finest – “Baby Love

Natalie Cole – “Party Lights

Betty Wright-Lovin’ Is Really My Game

Brainstorm-Lovin’ Is Really My Game

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