Sean Rowe Live on KCRW – Old Black Dodge

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When I walked up to the station this morning I saw a handsome bearded man with two guitar cases at his feet. He looked kinda lost and I thought – this must be Sean Rowe. I led him down to the basement where he was joined by special guests Woody Jackson and Petra Haden, but it was his gorgeous baritone that stole the show. His cover of “Mother” was unlike any I’ve ever heard and his original compositions are poetic and enthralling.

Enjoy the full set in our archives and read more about this artist here.

Sean Rowe Live on KCRW Play List




Old Black Dodge


Mother (John Lennon cover)

Tomorrow is Long Time

Song Recorded After The Show

Petra Haden, Woody Jackson, Ariana Morgenstern, Sean Rowe, Chris Douridas by Gregg Lewis