Song Premiere: Rich, eccentric Balthazar’s new ‘The Silence’

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I’m confused by the Belgian band Balthazar, as to why they aren’t more well known here in the U.S.

Their third album, “Thin Walls,” has the band evolving in exactly the way I’d hoped. The sounds are richer.  There is a simplicity in the way they present their brand of intricate, eccentric pop. And they rock harder too!

Check out “Then What.”  The vocalist is precise, all the while making the fivesome sound as slacker-like as ever. The strings leading into the gentle pop of “Bunker” lead into layered shared voices – ethereal, laid-back goodness.

I discovered Balthazar a few years ago on their album “Rats” thanks to KCRW DJ Mathieu Schreyer. He shared the album. One listen to “Sinking Ship” and I was hooked. I can’t wait to see them live Thursday at Culture Collide and am psyched they shared the exclusive track “The Silence” with KCRW.