Thao and Mirah Live on KCRW

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From KCRW’s Monika Scott

My morning was made by Thao and Mirah’s performance on Morning Becomes Eclectic! I’ve been a (huge) fan of them both in their solo careers, and their collaboration is everything a fan of either of them could have hoped for.

What inspired me most in their performance today was the emotion they both carry and effectively convey in their voices.  They have such strong and beautiful voices that quiver with a level of emotion that is palpable.  The result was something so beautiful and so engaging that I couldn’t help but start to turn inward and get all self-reflective while listening.

Though I’ll never admit it again, Thao and Mirah’s performance of their song “Hallelujah” even moved me to tears at one point.  Don’t tell anyone…

While I don’t expect everyone to have quite as emotional of a reaction as I did, there is something special here.  You have to admit it.

Watch and/or Listen to Thao and Mirah’s full set on Morning Becomes Eclectic here.

Thao and Mirah Live on KCRW

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