The Decemberists Cover R.E.M.’s Cuyahoga on KCRW

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From Morning Becomes Eclectic producer Ariana Morgenstern:

We had the good fortune to bring The Decemberists back to Morning Becomes Eclectic this morning to play all new songs – and one very special cover.

The new record, The King is Dead, pays tribute to a band they love—R.E.M.—and even features Peter Buck on several tracks.

I went ahead and asked them if they’d perform one of their favorite R.E.M. songs to prove their love. Colin Meloy welcomed the idea of an R.E.M. song and we shook hands on that. They decided to play “Cuyahoga” but had to work out the arrangements together, made sure they remembered the lyrics and proceeded to work on the song for the next 45 minutes to make sure it sounded great, at one point Colin exclaimed “the things we do for KCRW.”

This is one of the things I love about this band, they always go the distance for KCRW and leave us with something special.

I’ve been a fan for a long time and have had them in several times, including a couple of different configurations when several members came in for their project Black Prairie. Each and every time they join us, it’s like seeing old friends that live in another city, no matter how much time you’ve spent apart, you just pick up where you’ve left off.

Check out their live set here and check out the set list below.

— Ariana Morgenstern

The Decemberists – Live on KCRW Set List


Don’t Call it All

Rise to Me

Rocks in the Box

Calamity Song

Down by the Water

This is Why We Fight