The Music of World Cup On KCRW!

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While I’m sitting here at my desk in the basement, rabid soccer (or football) fans across the globe are filing into pubs and public spaces to watch the World Cup. It is so much more than a sporting event, its  a celebration of cultural identity and pride. With that in mind, we’ve put together our own musical tourney to shine a light on artists from the qualifying countries. KCRW has always been an international crossroads for music so we delved into our performance archives and music library to pick some of our favorite artists to represent their countries. Check it out

While you’re at it, grab a free song from Gotan Project as part of Today’s Top Tune!The members of Gotan Project are from Argentina, France and Switzerland – all participating countries in the World Cup. The track is “La Gloria,” a musician’s play-by-play tribute to soccer.

Also, tune in to DJ Mathieu Schreyer at midnight for a special show dedicated to the music of Africa.