The Week Ahead: Today’s Top Tune 9.25 – 9.29.17

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A week’s worth of song compiled just for you awaits! First up, it’s LA duo Freedom FryJeb Loy Nichols provides us with a gravelly groove. British siblings Ardyn have new work inspired by a Hitchcock film.  Allah-Las are set to play Desert Daze in mid-October. And check out country blues legend R.L. Boyce.

Monday, Sept 25

Freedom Fry: Strange Attraction

Los Angeles-based alt-folk duo Freedom Fry has a new EP featuring Strange Attraction, an infectious tune highlighted by melodic vocals and a catchy hook.

Tuesday, Sept 26

Jeb Loy Nichols: Don’t Drop Me

You never know what you’ll hear on E24, KCRW’s music stream, curated by legendary DJ Chris Douridas. We find new artists, legacy musicians and hidden gems like Jeb Loy Nichols, a man with an honest autobiographical style. Here’s the laid back, late night charmer Don’t Drop Me.

Wednesday, Sept 27

Ardyn: Throwing Stones

Katy Pearson of the British brother-sister duo Ardyn says, “‘Throwing Stones’ was inspired by feeling very disillusioned, in particular with the current state of politics and unrest in the world. With everything seemingly going a bit haywire, I felt I needed to put that into words.  We’d also recently watched The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock which definitely stuck with me, so the song party draws from that film.”

Thursday, Sept 28

R.L Boyce: R.L’s Boogie

R.L. Boyce is a Country Blues legend you probably never heard of. The 62-year old’s latest recording just took a couple of days in a studio with every song done on the first take giving listeners insight into backyard parties in his hometown of Como, Mississippi. Check out R.L.’s Boogie.

Friday, Sept 29

Allah-Las: The Earth Won’t Hold Me [Kathy Heideman Cover]

As the members of Allah-Las were preparing their next album, they decided to put together a collection that explored old and new songs they enjoyed. Songs like George Harrison’s Fish on the Sand, Television’s Hard On Love and Kathy Heideman’s The Earth Won’t Hold Me are all tracks they listened to in the studio while working on their albums. We’re proud to offer Allah-Las version of The Earth Won’t Hold Me.