Tiger & Woods Remix Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr’s Simple Girl

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There are so many ways to approach a remix or a cover. My favorites are complete reinventions, especially with a song that I already love, for instance like Mr Little Jeans cover of Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” and this Tiger & Woods remix of Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr’s “Simple Girl”.

It takes an incredible poppy track and gives it a sultry air, with bit of nu-disco mixed in. It’s still fun, but much sexier.

Stream “Simple Girl” Tiger & Woods Remix

Jason debuted the remix on Morning Becomes Eclectic on Monday. It will be part of a remix album that will include work from Memory Tapes, Pictureplane, Shout Out Out Out Out, and more.  The EP is called “My Love is Easy: Remixes Pt. 2” and will be out November 15.

Tiger & Woods are an enigmatic duo who call their sound “future boogie”. They perform live hiding behind a giant picture of a leopard and have released an album called “Through the Green” on the Running Black label, as well as a series of bootleg disco edits on their own label, Editainment.  They recently released an edits album they call “Wiki and Leaks” via their Facebook page and you can hear them on Soundcloud.