Tummy Touch: Label You Should Know

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Tummy Touch label celebrated 15 years of releasing music. Since their first official release in 1996, the label has stayed consistently pleasurable while remaining consistently bold. Early singles and successes from Groove Armada and Organic Audio gave them leverage to take risks on releases by Tom Vek and The Phenomenal Handclap Band.

To celebrate their coming of age, producer/dj/labelhead Tim “Love” Lee put together a compilation showcasing an impressive roster of folks who’ve released music on the label. The twist being the versions are all dub versions.

Fully Bearded” features monster jammers by Tom Vek, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Bing Ji Ling, New Young Pony Club, and Groove Armada.

A brilliant set of tunes, the Fully Bearded comp works as a retrospective or as an excellent party mixtape. Perfect for your weekend listening. Start here with a track from Tom Vek.

Aint Dubbin My Goodbyes – Tom Vek by Tummy Touch

— Mario Cotto