Vetiver Live on KCRW – Can’t You Tell

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Frontman Andy Cabic says the music on Vetiver’s new album just “took hold of me and created itself” – hence the title “Errant Charm”.

His only intentions for the record was that it be poppy, upbeat, and brighter in melody than his previous work, and we’ve been loving it for all those reasons.

In the first set, he started off with some of the mellower tracks – including a really great jam on an older song, “You May Be Blue” off of 2006’s “To Find Me Gone” – and then warmed up to a faster pace with new favorite “Can’t You Tell” (there’s a guitar part towards the end of that song that always tickles me) as well as “Wishing Well”, a track that he almost included on his last release “Tight Knit”, but it didn’t make the cut.

Errant Charm” was born in LA, at the studio of longtime producer Thom Monahan.  Andy said they put down the basics and then he listened to the rough mixes while wandering the streets around his home in San Francisco, coming up with lyrics during his strolls. It’s a great summer record and this performance was fantastic. Check it out in the archives here.


Vetiver Live on KCRW Set List

Rolling Sea

Worse For Wear

Right Away

You May be Blue

Can’t You Tell

Wonder Why

Wishing Well

Vetiver by Alissa Anderson