[Video] TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek, Moby and Raphael Saadiq on Success

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At last weekend’s EMP Pop Conference keynote panel, hosted by KCRW’s own Jason Bentley, I learned quite a few things about Dave Sitek I didn’t know. First off, he’s hilarious and definitely does not take himself too seriously. And, from what he says, everything that has happened to him since the formation of TV on the Radio — which appears to have been an accident – and his work as a producer (for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and more) has been hugely unexpected and he is still in awe.

TV on the Radio is about to release a new album and is headed to SXSW this year so it was a great time to check in with him, along with other panelists Moby (also quite funny) and Raphael Saadiq (did you know he got his start touring with Prince? That man has stories). Both of those artists have new albums coming out soon as well.

Jason’s first question: What does success mean to them?

Check out other video highlights from the conference on KCRW’s You Tube page and read a write up on the panel here.