Voxhaul Broadcast on KCRW, Live at the Hammer on Thursday

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Voxhaul Broadcast are at a creative crossroads. The overlying theme of today’s Morning Becomes Eclectic debut is that they are a local band in the process of finding their identity – and making some pretty great music while they figure it out. Jason has been supporting them since earlier this year, spinning “Shoot the Breeze” and “Blackout Conversations,” among others. He points to the latter track as an example of the band’s growth from a straight ahead rock act to a more poppy, melodic sound.

Today, they proved they can do both well — splitting their sets between the two sounds. It was great to see a band that is so fluid and able to try new things, trusting their instincts no matter where they lead. The locals have released a series EPs and are in the process of properly recording  their first full length, set for October release.

Check out their session and go see them live for FREE at the Hammer Museum this Thursday, the last show in the Also I Like to Rock series presented by KCRW. They are promising to make it one to remember.