Wannabe Jalva Song Premiere: “Miracle”

Written by
Wannabe Jalva by Biel Gomes and Guilherme Netto

One of the great side effects of World Cup fever has been a focus on Brazilian bands.

Wannabe Jalva formed in 2010 and is taking full advantage of the extra attention.

The quartet released a track earlier this summer called “Mainline” that got written up in the NY Times and even opened for Pearl Jam.

They recorded their new album “Collecture” (due Oct 15) in their hometown Porto Alegre and we’ve got a sneak peek at the track “Miracle”.

It’s a late night type of jam.

They list Queens of the Stone Age and The Doors among their influences and I think fans of UK newbies Glass Animals will also take a liking to this space-groove rock sound.

Word is they’ll be touring through the US in October so keep an eye out!