Well Done Internets! “Stevie’s Black Van”

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When I was a kid, there was a lot of talk of Stevie Nicks’ “being a witch.”

I dunno where exactly I heard that, but I distinctly recall it being a topic of conversation one holiday when my aunt found my copy of “Tango in the Night.” (A dubbed cassette given me by a hairspray addicted, white wolf howling at the moon airbrushed jean jacketed, and eye-liner wearing minister’s son from New Jersey, no less. But that’s another story, for another time.)

Now that I’m older, I know that it actually doesn’t matter whether or not Stevie is a “witch” or the Devil’s daughter or the Devil herself, because she’s a stone cold fox with one of the raddest voices of all time OF ALL TIME!

She’s amazing. And although it’s not witchcraft, I often find that random internet radness is Stevie Nicks associated.  Now a lot of snobby dance music dudes will hate hard on a mash-up (admittedly I’ve been guilty of it myself) but, when it’s good, it’s good…and you can’t hate on Stevie…or she’ll turn you into a frog or a put a hex on your ass.

This dude Chris Bithell, under the name ToastSoundsystem, laid a sweet acapella of “Dreams” over Black Van’s sweet DFA single “Yearning” and came up with a magical dancefloor burner that will have you two-stepping your hooves like a satyr drunk on babyblood wine at Baldelli’s Cosmic celebrating the Vernal Equinox under a Full Moon with all those naked people from The Wicker Man village.


Well Done Internets!

Stevie’s Black Van – Toast Soundsystem by AOR DISCO