We’ve Got It Covered: A New KCRW Music Blog Feature

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We all know the story;  You pick up an instrument and you learn to play a few songs. You grab some friends who are terrible just like you and you start to play together. Joe can’t keep a beat on the drums and Michelle can only find two chords on her bass. But talent be damned… you’re gonna  play “Come As You Are”  That.  Freakin’. Night.

This over-generalized scenario isn’t limited to the desk jockeys, wannabes and homemakers of the world, NAY!  This is exactly how you’re favorite melody-makers and songstresses began too.

You see, at some point, every musician in the world had a catalogue made up entirely of cover songs. In fact, I’m pretty sure the first song ever played was a cover song.  Go ahead, look it up. We’ll wait….

…Now, moving on, it was with that revelation that we decided it would be downright irresponsible for us not to chronicle the best cover songs ever played in the studio here at KCRW during our live sessions.

This blog is meant to celebrate and chronicle those in-studio guests who have gone back to their finger plucking days and played a cover song of another artist. Some were out of respect or reverence for the originals, others were done because one of the guys in the band wanted to impress an ex girlfriend (True Story!!)

So, enjoy our blog about cover songs:

Because some songs were simply done better the second time around,

Because you’ll be surprised what you might learn about a band or a song,

Because musicians are fans too.

…And for all that, we’ve got it covered.

Jeff Buckley covers Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah – one of the great cover songs of all time