What I Got at the Post Office Today by Chuck P

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All of our DJs receive hundreds of CDs a month to consider for airplay. In this regular feature, KCRW DJ Chuck P catalogues his musical bounty from the Post Office each week.

Unbelievably chilly day in LA… I actually had to wear a hoodie to the PO Box.  It gave me a reason to wear my new SUNO))) hoodie, so I don’t mind.  What I do mind is that it’s supposed to be around 90 this weekend. Double you tea eff?  At any rate, a bountiful day at the ol’ mail hole…

amusement parks
1) Amusement Parks On Fire – A great new album. Played a track a few weeks ago, and I’m eager to hear the rest of the album. Check out the track “Flashlight Planetarium:”

Sky Larkin

2) Sky Larkin – Same as above. I played a track a few weeks ago and I’m very stoked to hear the rest of the album.  I was a huge fan of their last album, The Golden Spike.

Sky Parade

3) Sky Parade – Not sure if it’s by design, but they always put their promos in these huge boxes.  Sure makes it stand out when it’s in your stack of music to listen to, but you have to make room for it.

Honorable mentions include the new CD from tropicalia wizard Tom Ze, a tense jazz album from Fernando Otero & new post punk CD from Women.

Another dispatch coming this Friday.


Chuck P.