What is the Press Play Theme Song?

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Earlier this year, KCRW launched a new show called Press Play with Madeleine Brand.

It’s our first original daily show since launching To The Point so it’s a pretty big deal and all the details mattered. There was a lot of back and forth over the name of the show and, of course, the theme song.

Since the launch of the show, we’ve gotten a lot of calls to the front office about what the song is so I decided to devote a blog post to it!

It’s called “Anything New” and it’s from UK producer Bibio’s 2011 album “Mind Bokeh”.

They consulted some of the music obsessives here at the station, but it was Press Play producer Jolie Myers who orginally suggested it as a music bed. When they were taping the pilot, they threw it in as the theme song and then it stuck!

As Executive Producer Andrew Walsh says, it can withstand the pressure of a heavy news day but it also makes you excited to listen to the show…which you can do right here.