424: Siempre Mar

It’s been four years in the making, and finally, a band we’ve been championing since the very inception of the Pan Caliente feature on the KCRW blog, has returned with a sophomore album!

424, Costa Rica’s leading musica indie outfit, once again use the inspirational beauty of their Central American paradise to craft an emotionally vivid album.

Overall, it’s more of a cross between a Radiohead of the Bends and OK Computer era, combined with clear harmonious influences of Tame Impala, and the heartbroken mourn of say Jose Jose lyrics.

The album will be released this Friday, August 19th but we’ve got an exclusive Album Preview here for KCRW listeners!

Standout tracks are the delicately crafted "Lengua" and "Atlántico," along with the spirited songs "El Tranquilo Camino" and the first single "Las Olas."

Siempre Mar steps out of the “derivative, 90’s grunge” shadow that certain critics cast over their debut Oro, and it actually solidifies 424’s place in the overall conversation of great new bands from Latin America without a doubt.

La vara es Pura Vida mae.

-José Galván