Adanowsky: ADA

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Adan Jodorowsky, son of cult favorite director Alejandro Jodorowsky, couldn’t help but to have some serious creative juices flowing through his veins. Between his father & his famous friends (like James Brown & George Harrison), Adan surely must have been exposed to some pretty wild yet inspiring art as a young man, and he has managed to assess all that, combine it with his own ideas & put it forth in the form of his own music (he’s also an acclaimed actor in his native France). On his latest solo album, Adanowsky (as he portmanteaus his name) shifts from the freak-folk vibe of his 2010 domestic debut to embrace a 80s-flavored New Wave sound on his latest, ADA.

Using artists such as Prince, Michael Jackson and others as a model, Adanowsky evokes the music of 30+ years ago with a 21st Century approach. Tracks like “Sexual Feeling,” “Get Up & Fight,” and the KCRW favorite, “Dancing to the Radio,” he takes a fun look backwards at the dramatic, sexy, charmingly “futuristic” sound of yesterday. At times goofy, at others downright catchy, very European and even borderline deranged, ADA is a party record with a twist.

-Eric J. Lawrence

Track List:

1. Welcome To My World
2. Dancing To The Radio
3. Sexual Feeling
4. Crossing The Line
5. I Don't Love You
6. Rock Me
7. Let's Bring It Back
8. Would You Be Mine
9. Be My Lover
10. Get Up And Fight
11. Orgasmic And Divine
12. No Te Quiero
13. Be My Lover (Versión Español)

Photo courtesy of the artist