Alex & Daniel: Alex & Daniel

Like a melodious Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, the combination of Chilean musicians Alex Anwandter and Daniel Riveros is a welcome treat. Both artists bring their unique perspectives to their jaunty new album, titled appropriately Alex & Daniel. Alex brings a savvy sense of how to write catchy electropop tunes to the table, complete with a show-stopping 80s vibe and a showman’s flair for the dramatic. Daniel (who has recorded under the name Gepe) serves as the yin to Alex’s yang, coming from a folk-pop tradition that extends back to the legendary Victor Jara. The two sensibilities meet comfortably somewhere in the middle, with a contemporary sound that places them in the same sphere as other international sensations Phoenix in terms of combining danceable hooks with strong pop backbones. Nevermind if the lyrics are obscured for the linguistically challenged – one listen and there’s no denying the talent, craft and aim of Alex & Daniel’s ambitions.

-Eric J. Lawrence

Track List:

1. Mundo Real
2. Segunda
3. Mejor Que Yo
4. Cada Vez Que Invento Algo Sobre Ti
5. Baby
6. Japón
7. Miña
8. Una Nueve Aventura

Photo courtesy of the artist