Andy Cato: Times and Places


Andy Cato has had many incarnations over the past couple decades, most notably as half of the superstar duo Groove Armada. From The Beat Foundation to Weekend Players to Caia and many others in between, Cato's lush productions are a bit of a timeline in his history. Times and Places is just that, a musical journey of his over the last 20 years. In fact, some of the songs on this new album go back to the early 90's to some that were recorded very recently. 

I've been a big fan of his since I first heard of him, whether it's been solo or in collaboration. He brings such a cool and interesting sensibility into his productions that's like no other. You don't hear much trombone is electronic music these days!  A bit of a virtuoso and prodigy that can play many instruments very well, it's obvious he's one talented musician.  

The trip this new collection takes us on is such a joy to follow. Every song has a story, from people fencing in a nightclub in Moscow, to walking the chaotic streets of Mexico City, to reminiscing about their self proclaimed best DJ set ever at LA's Fais Do-Do in the tune Palermo By Night. 

As I'm pretty sure you know, I'm a huge fan of the beats, wether they're fast or slow. This release gives us a healthy serving! It's extremely rare for me these days to truly enjoy an entire album start to finish.  I definitely invite you to listen start to finish and find yourself getting lost in the big fellow's journey. 

Check out his stories and video scrapbook at

- Raul Campos

Track List:

01. Telecabine
02. Toyko Crossing
03. Abbey Road Jam
04. Where Are You Now (Barcelona)
05. The Coastal Path (Sydney)
06. Sundown St Agnes 898
07. Alphabet City Day 2
08. Overnight To San Francisco
09. Brick Lane Back Then
10. Mark’s Place Woodstock
11. Rainfalls, Toulouse
12. Back From Castlemorton
13. Apartment LA
14. Down From Mount Fuji
15. South From Montreal
16. Rooftop Buenos Aires
17. Telecabine 1
18. 7am Drop